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We decided during our December 2004 trip to take a serious look at the advantages of buying land and building our "get - away" retirement home in Costa Rica. 

We quickly learned that Costa Rican people are extremely warm, friendly, outgoing and helpful.  We also discovered that the labor cost of 800 - 1000 Colones per hour (less than $ 2.00) gives us a distinct advantage of buying, building and living here in Costa Rica.

Through the process of finding the right piece of property, purchasing it, buying a car, opening a bank account (a two day affair), ordering phone lines (a three year wait), designing and planning the construction of our very own "mini-development", one thing had become abundantly clear...... building your own retirement home is NOT for the faint of heart - it can be a very difficult and convoluted process. Trying to purchase services or materials with a language barrier as well as the unknown barrier of customs or cultural differences is a demanding full time job. 

IF, you are willing and able to take on the burden of such a task, then we will
help you find that right piece of property and welcome you as a neighbor.

IF, on the other hand, you can not or do not wish to undertake such a demanding
Task, to begin with a bare piece of land and build your own "castle", then you have come to the right place, because we have done that for you . . . . .

We bought our bare acreage from
a local Tico saving us a lot of money as apposed to purchasing through a realtor.   We are now in the process of building several houses, complete with appliances, so you can move right in . . . . .

We recommend that you come visit us in Costa Rica and see the new homes we are in process of building during the construction phase - then, if you like what you see and feel ready to buy, you can play a major role in selecting finish details.  The earlier you are involved in the design and construction process, the more influence you can have in shaping the final product (your retirement home) to your individual needs, wants and desires.

Also, as an option, we can include furniture, or anything else you want, for your new home, so it will be a complete "turn-key" operation and you just bring your shirt and shorts . . .

Our new homes are located on
a mountain, overlooking the Central Valley below, in an area called San Luis.  We are on a paved road with ready access to the markets and stores of quaint and beautiful downtown Grecia . . . almost perfect weather with tranquil environment and a friendly peoples who openly welcome us "gringos" to their country as neighbors, friends or associates - what are you waiting for ?

Send us an email today
Ginny & Mitchell.  We look forward to meeting with you and helping you become a part of the growing community of North Americans and Europeans who now reside in Costa Rica . . . . .

We hope you find the information you are looking for on our website, but if you don't , then please email us and allow us to clarify or seek out the answer on your behalf . . .

Sincerely, from beautiful and relaxing Costa Rica,

Ginny & Mitchell
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