How Ginny and I Came to Costa Rica
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My wife, Ginny and I own a sign shop in the Florida Keys.  I first became interested in retiring outside the United States after reading articles in Fortune and AARP magazines. The first, article explained how I could retire early and both articles explained in detail how I could live comfortably on far less money than would be required in the USA.  This appealed to me because most our retirement money vanished when the stock market went belly up after 9/11. 

One day while I was installing the name Pura Vida on a customer's boat, he invited me to look at photos of the house he had just purchased in Costa Rica.

These articles and my customer's photos, prompted me to search the Internet for a retirement solution.  My search found many "realtors" in Costa Rica who were more than willing to put me in debt with over priced real estate, but only two people were offering to help me invest at economical Tico prices.  When I discovered that the one had stolen her web site from the other it was a no brainer.

December 16, 2004, we stayed in the town of Grecia for two weeks looking at all the properties we had determined were the best value.  After carefully searching, Ginny and I chose a 10 acre parcel located above Grecia, on a mountain range called San Louis.  The property is covered with coffee and has the most exquisite views of the Central Valley.  Our offer was accepted and we returned February 6th to close.

Through a lot of trial and error we found a place to stay, a car to buy, set up our corporations and open a bank account.  Our property's Plano has been subdivided with six buildable lots and we have a letter stating the government will supply water to all our houses.  We met Jorge and Anita and hired them to manage our Casa Vista project.  We can not say enough good about them.  They have saved us thousands of dollars and have become our partners and best friends in Costa Rica. 

Through Jorge and Anita we have developed a huge network of resources that have helped us find land, homes and professionals.  Now we have in place everything you will need to successfully attain your dreams here in Costa Rica.

Please let us help you.  I have no doubts that we can find exactly what you want in Costa Rica!

Pura Vida,
Mitchell & Ginny